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FOX News
Apr 16, 2013 9:00am EDT
this, would have been 10:50 in washington, a moment ago. michael graham is arrayed talk show on the new england talk network and a columnist for the "boston herald." he said the attack made him a bostonian down to his gut and he's with me now. >> a lot of us have moved here. i've been here for eight years. i live here, love it here, i've been doing talk radio. the place i go for bloody marys, the town is right down the street. i walk my kids on a summer sunday, to see the blood there, and to know that the attack happened not when the elite runners around the world were here. they waited until the typical guy, my wife took off work some yesterday because one of her coworkers was running. that was the time when the coworkers and the amateurs arrived at the line and that's when the bomb went off. and it changed my attitude about this city. it went from the place i work and live to my town. bill: what specifically, what were the words you used? now? >> well, i said, i'm quoting jfk whose library may have been attacked. [speaking foreign language] bostonian. if you want to live in a free
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1